Classes taught by a Certified Childbirth Educator and Registered Nurse
2 km from Southlake Regional Health Centre on Davis Drive 
 Small Class Size (max. 12 couples)
 Free Parking


The Prenatal Class Program;  is for couples expecting their first baby. Prenatal education is the most effective way for couples to prepare for their birth of their baby and gain knowledge on how to best care for themselves and their babies after birth.   We offer them in an evening class from 7:00 - 9:30 pm once a week for  5 weeks and are recommended if possible. We also offer the prenatal program on 2  Saturday afternoons from  1:00 - 5:00 pm. 

Please schedule your classes in your 2nd trimester (approx. 20 wks) Classes are on-going all year long.  *If you need to arrange classes combining day and evening classes due to shift work or other circumstances, please contact the office as we are flexible in our programming.

Cost: $146.02 + h.s.t  (Free parking)

You must be registered in advance to attend the classes

Please call or e-mail us for available dates and provide your due date.

Reunion February 2014

Prenatal Class Curriculum

Class 1 Process of Labour and Birth

Preparing you for the physical and emotional aspects of birth. Understanding how your body works (stages and phases of labour) knowing when labour has begun.              

Class 2  Comfort Measures Tools for labour and birth

A practical of application of breathing ad relaxation techniques, use of positioning for labour, birthing balls, and more. 

Class 3 Pain Medications & 2nd Stage

What medications are available and when to use them affectively. Understanding the benefits, risks, and limitations of their use.  Inductions of labour, pushing, assisted vaginal delivery (forceps, vacuum) and episiotomy.  

Class 4 Meeting the Challenges of Birth

Strategies to deal with complications and variations of normal i.e. slow labour, Cesarean section and recover.  Labour practice and relaxation ends class five. 

Class 5 Newborn Care, what to expect in that first few hours & days, newborn procedures, bathing, cord care and more. Breastfeeding in that first few weeks - what you need to know. (Class 5 is not offered with the weekend program) 

Reunion Class Scheduled approx. a month after the last due date in the class. A great time to show off your beautiful babies and talk about the challenges of parenting.

The Refresher program is intended to refresh and renew you for the labour and birth ahead. If you have not taken a classes before or if it has been more than 4 years we recommend you take a full review  of stages and phases for labour and birth, relaxation & breathing techniques, use of positions and more.  
Cost $75.00 + h.s.t.

Twin Graduates

To Late to Take a Classes
Rent a 2 disk set DVD for all you need to know on pregnancy, labour and post-partum. (Handouts Inc.)
Cost: $75.00 + h.s.t Much be secured with a credit card. Rental is for a 2 week period.

Multiple Birth Class
This program is for couples expecting muliples and are planning on going through the process of labour & birth

We also carry Hospital Grade Ameda Breastpumps Rental & Sales available
T.E.N.S & Doppler Ultrasound  
(see breastfeeding & Tens Page) 


Doppler Rental
1 Month Rental - $45.00
3 Month Rental - $125.00


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