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Children’s Music Program Coordinator Jennifer Lumsden   A.R.C.T. is a piano teacher (26 years experience) with a degree from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto.  For the past 6 years, she has been teaching music to babies and their caregivers at Prenatal Plus Centre, Newmarket.  She teaches music, drama and science at the Roger White Academy, and has, for many years taught music in small groups to children ages 2-6.  She sings with the Tapestry Chamber Choir and plays percussion


Registered Massage Therapist Sarah Ebbs R.M.T.   Massage therapist at the Centre for 15 years teaching prenatal & infant massage. She maintains her own practice as well as formal teaching to other massage therapists. If you are interested in booking a massage with her directly, please call 905 939-8809

Consultant: Meredith Deasley, B.A., R.H.N., R.N.C.P., Registered Pediatric Nutritionist, owner of The Resourceful Mother since 2002, and teacher of pediatric nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  She can be reached at www.theresourcefulmother.com 


 Yoga instructor Angela Wang, Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200)
Angela began her journey with yoga before the birth of her first child back in 2005, and while her intention was to use yoga to have natural birth, she found so much more: strength, flexibility, breathing, posture, and an internal sense of grounding and connection. Yoga has become an essential part of Angela's life. Her goal is to create a safe and supportive space for students while sharing the vast richness that yoga has to offer. Her additional certifications include prenatal and kids yoga. She has also shared the joy and benefits of yoga with other new moms through Mom and Baby yoga classes.    


Founder of the Centre, Deborah Kennedy became registered with the Collage of Nurses in Ontario after completing her formal training in Alberta in 1985. Upon relocation to Ontario began an active participation in numerous hospital and public health forums with maternal child care. She was the co-coordinator of the Midwifery Task Force-York Region (a consumer-based lobby group was established to promote legislation and recognition of midwifery for 6 years, welcoming in the legislation of midwifery in 1993. During this time she was attending births and teaching classes as a birthing assistance and belonged to the Labour Support Association-Toronto.
 In 1988 became a Certified Childbirth Educator through Woman’s Collage. After the birth of her fifth child, she became more focused on teaching and in May 1995 opened Prenatal Plus Pregnancy & Parenting Centre.  As a mother of 5 children, she has had a unique opportunity to experience both hospital and home birth and has experienced both the pleasure and pain of childbirth and child rearing. In 1996 she published the 1st annual Resource Guide for Parents York Region. This comprehensive  guide is distributed free of charge to families in York Region through the hospitals, York Region Health Services, York Region Catholic School Board,  Early Year Center’s, Doctor’s office and other community minded business. As a mother and educator I feel that  by understanding what and why things happen makes it much easier to accept and much less scary. My position as an educator is to provide unbiased information and encourage each couple to make decisions about pregnancy, labour and birth that they are comfortable with."  "I believe that childbirth is a normal, natural process that our bodies have been designed to do. Having a positive birth experience is of the utmost importance. Also maintains current membership in CAPPA, ICEA, and Collage of Nurses and is a Certified Mother Goose Teacher. Winner of 2005 In Celebration of Woman Award York Region for Health Education